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Man wearing Urban Threads prototype t-shirt
Man wearing Urban Threads prototype t-shirt

Urban Threads


Urban Threads is a streetwear brand that offers unique and creative apparel and accessories.



After creating a new logo design for Urban Threads, the client approached us with a request to produce prototype t-shirts to showcase their brand at an upcoming trade show. They wanted t-shirts that featured their new logo and effectively communicated their brand identity and aesthetic.


We worked closely with the client to develop a range of t-shirt prototypes that would meet their specifications. We selected high-quality t-shirts in a range of sizes and colours that would work well with the logo design.


Using state-of-the-art printing techniques, we produced several t-shirts as one-off designs, without setup charges. This allowed us to create a range of designs that showcased the versatility of the logo and the brand's aesthetic.


We worked with the client to select a range of colour schemes and printing locations that would effectively showcase the logo and communicate the brand's identity.


The prototype t-shirts we produced for Urban Threads were well-received by the client and their target audience. They effectively showcased the brand's new logo and communicated their identity and aesthetic. The t-shirts were a hit at the trade show, generating interest and excitement for the brand.


The client was pleased with the quality of the t-shirts and the printing, as well as our flexibility and creativity. They expressed their satisfaction with the project and our ability to produce high-quality, customised products on a tight timeline.​

Urban Threads Logo Concept Sheet A
Urban Threads Logo Concept One
Urban Threads Logo Concept Sheet B
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