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Hotel Tango's Pride Packaging Design: A Stunning Blend of Artistry and Philanthropy

Hotel Tango Vodka- Pride Bottle
Hotel Tango - Pride Packaging

Hotel Tango Distillery's annual pride series bottle packaging has once again captivated audiences with its breathtaking design. I really admire the remarkable work achieved by Hotel Tango in their collaboration with renowned artist Jun Ioneda. We are reminded of the power of art & design to celebrate diversity and support a worthy cause. Let's delve into the story behind Hotel Tango's Pride packaging and the meaningful impact it has on the LGBTQIA+ community.

Hotel Tango Vodka - Pride Bottle

Supporting a Worthy Cause:

Hotel Tango Distillery's commitment to inclusivity goes beyond aesthetics. With every purchase of the Hotel Tango Pride bottle, the brand donates $1 to the Modern Military Association of America - an organisation dedicated to supporting LGBTQIA+ service members, military spouses, veterans, their families, and allies. This act of philanthropy amplifies the message of unity and solidarity, providing vital support to those who have served and continue to serve their nation.

Hotel Tango Vodka - Pride Bottle

An Artistic Collaboration:

The collaboration between Hotel Tango and artist Jun Ioneda has resulted in a packaging design that is truly mesmerising. Jun Ioneda's creative vision beautifully captures the essence of the LGBTQIA+ community's resilience and celebration. Through vibrant colours and intricate details, the Pride packaging serves as a powerful symbol of strength and joy.

Hotel Tango Vodka - Pride Bottle


Hotel Tango's Pride packaging stands as a testament to the brand's dedication to inclusivity, artistry, and philanthropy. Through their collaboration with Jun Ioneda, Hotel Tango has created a visual masterpiece that resonates with the LGBTQIA+ community and beyond. The support extended to the Modern Military Association of America further demonstrates their commitment to making a positive impact. As we celebrate Pride Month, let us raise a glass to Hotel Tango and their stunning Pride packaging, a symbol of unity, resilience, and celebration.

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