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We commenced this project by comprehending Mark's vision, values, and his unique space in the private chef industry. With this understanding, we crafted a creative brief focusing on a distinctive brand identity and a user-friendly website.

The brand's visual identity started with a simple yet memorable logo, mirroring Mark's values. The selected colour scheme was warm and inviting, reflecting his dedication to locally sourced ingredients.

The website design focused on being visually appealing and easy to navigate, with special attention to mobile optimisation.


Upon launching the brand and website, we ensured its consistent application across all platforms, including business cards, social media, and email signatures.

The outcome? A captivating brand and an accessible website that emphasises Mark's commitment to quality and his culinary expertise. This holistic branding solution sets Mark apart in the private chef industry, showcasing his unique services and catering effectively to his clients' needs.

Private Chef Mark Weeks using blow torch on Creme Brulée
Laptop and Mobile Device displaying homepage of Mark Weeks Private Chef website
Mobile Devices displaying pages of Mark Weeks Private Chef website

Mark Weeks

Private Chef


Mark Weeks, an esteemed private chef, sought our expertise for developing his personal brand and designing a bespoke website that reflected his culinary vision.

His ambition? A distinctive brand identity and user-friendly website that would elegantly present his services and menus, highlighting his commitment to fresh, seasonal, and locally sourced produce.

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