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Happy Hounds Branding Style Sheet
Happy Hounds Psackaging Mockup

Happy Hounds


Happy Hounds Food Co. approached us to develop a brand identity and logo that reflected their values of natural ingredients, wholesome nutrition, and the joy of pet ownership. They wanted to stand out in a competitive market and engage with their target audience more effectively. Our scope of services included brand identity development, logo design, colour palette selection, packaging design, and video content creation.



To begin, we conducted extensive research into Happy Hounds' target audience, competitors, and brand values. We developed a range of logo concepts that incorporated elements of nature, wholesome nutrition, and the joy of pet ownership. After several rounds of feedback and revisions, we refined the chosen logo and developed a comprehensive brand identity that included typography, colour palette, and guidelines for consistent brand usage. We also created packaging designs that highlighted the brand's unique selling points.


The new brand identity and logo have helped Happy Hounds Natural Food Co. to stand out in a crowded market and communicate their values more effectively to their target audience. The brand's unique personality and values are now clearly reflected in all touchpoints, from the logo and packaging to the website and social media channels. Since the launch of the new brand identity, Happy Hounds has seen a significant increase in website traffic, social media engagement, and overall brand awareness.

In conclusion, our comprehensive approach to research, design, and implementation ensured that every touchpoint was aligned with Happy Hounds' values and communicated their unique selling points effectively. We're proud to have partnered with Happy Hounds Food Co. to create a brand identity that truly captures the essence of their brand and sets them apart in a crowded market.

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